Friday, October 5, 2018


I have made no secret at that I hate Facebook for many reasons, not the least of which is they want to know all about you so they can sell that info. One way they learn about you is by helping you log onto other websites. Gee passwords are such a pain are they not? Facebook can help by storing your passwords for all those sites.

That way, when Facebook gets hacked (as they just have) you lose your security at dozens of websites not just FB! You just gave away your internet master key! Fifty million accounts were compromised over 11 days as FB programmers watched almost helplessly.

CNN EXPLAINS: Things could get very ugly. The hackers could be trolls who decide to post a database of millions of people's private messages online for everyone to read. They could be Russian intelligence, gathering information from politicians' personal accounts and then sitting on it until just the right moment to wreak havoc on the midterm or 2020 elections. They could be blackmailers, combing through the messages of high-value targets like politicians, government officials, and wealthy individuals.

Unfortunately you just gotta make up a lot of passwords and write them down in a secure place. Don't save a file on your computer called "passwords" call it something else.


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Why Facebook is evil by John Oliver at Last Week Tonight:

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