Friday, January 12, 2018

Mac users infected with virus for THIRTEEN YEARS!

MAC USERS GET VIRUSES TOO!  Every mac user should use a virus checker even if they think they are safe.  A "new" THRTEEN YEAR OLD Mac virus called "Fruitfly" has been spying on people. The virus author sat in Ohio monitoring people's behavior using "creepware!"

Prosecutors said defendant Phillip R. Durachinsky used the malware to surreptitiously turn on cameras and microphones, take and download screenshots, log keystrokes, and steal tax and medical records, photographs, Internet searches, and bank transactions. In some cases, Fruitfly alerted Durachinsky when victims typed words associated with porn. The suspect, in addition to allegedly targeting individuals, also allegedly infected computers belonging to police departments, schools, companies, and the federal government, including the US Department of Energy.

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